The Morph Report
A "historical" dive into the Animorphs' Journals
Ep.21 – Sinister
Ep.22 – Hidden Figures
Ep.23 – The Manchurian Candidate
Ep.24 – Rear Window
Ep.25 – An Extremely Goofy Movie
Ep.26 – Independence Day
Ep.27 – Naked and Afraid
Ep.28 – Flubber
Ep.29 – 28 Days Later
Ep.30 – Con Air
Ep.31 – Eyes Wide Shut
Ep.32 – Five Feet Apart
Ep.33 – Now You See Me: The Second Act
Ep.34 – Prince of Egypt
Ep.35 – Love Actually
Ep.36 – X-Men: First Class
Ep.37 – Unbreakable
Ep.38 – Arrival
Ep.39 – Now You See Me: The Second Act
Ep.40 – The Others